Sing it girl!

Another music post has been long overdue. I think it’s because I still have to figure out why all of my music didn’t transfer from my PC to my Mac, so I’m stuck with the tired playlists on my iPod from the end of the school year, and therefore have been musically uninspired. However, that has changed (still need to figure out the computer thing) because of an artist I discovered on Vh1′s “Artist You Oughta Know” series.

My music taste is fairly eclectic. I like the crap they play of the radio that is so catchy you want to stab a stake into you head just so the latest Britney Spear’s song will stop playing on repeat. I get nostalgic over my favorite 90s boy band and wish I was older in the ’80s so I could have rocked out in my leg-warmers without it being retro. I am familiar with show tunes from almost every musical to grace Broadway. I run to hip hop or marsh-ups and lift to Linkin Park. The quality I really appreciate in my music is talented voices.

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Hello everyone!

I knew the first post on this thing was going to be a bit daunting. I want this blog to become something special, and represent the things I enjoy most in life: writing, photography, poetry, good company, a well-mixed drink and most importantly food. I thought I would start with one of my favorite recipes or post one of my best photos, until I found this video. It is a mash up of three songs from Adele’s most recent Album 21. If you have not listened to the album in its entirety while sitting in a cafe, sipping a cup of coffee and reminiscing about the last person who broke your heart, do it now. If there is one thing I like more than the soulful power of Adele’s voice, it is other artists using her genius to make something (dare I say it?) better. I also have a soft spot for dorky guys rockin’ out.